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Friday, 27 January 2012

Tips for Choosing Turtles

Many view turtles as being the type of animals that you find in a zoo or in a lake and not in a home. Though some people don't think they make a great pet, others really enjoy them.
You have to know what you want to get out of a pet and sometimes a turtle can be the answer to what you are looking for. Maybe they aren't as fluffy as cats but they also have strengths that other animals just don't.
Many people who opt for a turtle are pleasantly surprised with their pick. While they are different than other house pets, they can be a ball of fun also.
Turtles come in many different varieties. When some buyers come in and expect to find just one turtle family they can be taken by surprise when they see the selection.
One option is the slider turtle which remains a top choice for a turtle as a pet. They do well in cages or aquariums and they often grow to be about a foot in length.
Another choice is the box turtle which can hang around for a century or more. This is really one for those ready to commit because chances are that they will live longer than their owners.
Painted turtles generally don't make the best pets for a number of different reasons. They are easily recognized by what appears to be a stripe painted on them.
Turtles can make really great pets in your home but something that is important to remember is that they can be around for a very long time so be prepared for that. Even though it is relatively easy to handle them, they can live many, many years.
Be ready for a long time that the turtle will hang around if you are considering one. Then choose the right one for your needs and have fun.

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